Poddar Housing Sales Gallery

LocationBadlapur, Maharashtra
Area3,500 sq.ft
ClientPoddar Housing

The sales gallery for the Poddar Group project at Badlapur is under the P.M’s scheme of affordable housing.

Our Solution

We wanted to showcase a dream space at a very affordable cost with very goes aesthetics, which one could dream of. We used a lot of green element with flowers to liven up monotony of the furniture & spaces. Accessories played the most crucial role in turning around the space with their richness of metal, colour & texture. Lights of different metal, glass & fabric dramatised the spaces and provided the warmth.
Area being large, we segregated into public and open, more private & closed areas for the purpose they were to serve. A large open area in the transitional space was earmarked to showcase the Model. Two Identical Show flats were showcased in the end of the space.


A melange of warm colours with textures in sales zone.
A variety of plant species enriching & enliving spaces with color.

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