Our Solution

We brought in the vibrancy and coziness of Scandinavia in our very own The Trees. With minimalistic use of material, colour and furniture-accessories to custom design a Harmonious, bright and cozy ”hygge” home as the Scandanavians say.

Each piece of furniture is customized at site using the central colour scheme of Birch & Pine wood with white walls & grey Polyurethane Paint.

The Danish concept of “hygge” which translates into a feeling of coziness and contentment, and enjoyment of the comfort while also adding functionality. Almost instantly, as you walk into the living room you will experience the magical tranquility so rare in city houses. This homely feeling lingers as you move along, throughout the uncluttered, muted sophistication giving it an Electic, Classy and Chic vibe.
If we have to describe this home of Thakkers in 3 words it will be Cosy.Vibrant.Comfortable.

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