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Modular High End Kitchens

The greatest advantage to CNC machining is pinpoint dimensional accuracy. This becomes essential to utilising the maximum functionality of the hardware incorporated into your kitchen cabinets, since even half a millimetre up or down (as would happen with a carpenter) will lead to uneven load distribution and increased wear-and-tear over the usable lifetime of your kitchen.

WBP plywood is the core material of choice for a good kitchen, especially a high-quality option such as birch. Another very important factor to consider in kitchens is water-resistance, as this is an area of your house prone to extremes of temperature and humidity. This is where further aspects of our technology come into play: the use of PUR, or polyurethane, glue to apply edges (as opposed to the far more common EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate) and the use of waterproof D3 or D4 adhesives (as opposed to a D1 grade fevicol that would be used by a carpenter).

Hardware is key to the functionality of your kitchen, and that is why we use tried-and-tested world leaders such as Blum or Hettich, many of whose products come with lifetime warranties from the original suppliers themselves.

Aesthetics are the most important visible component of your kitchen, and therefore we offer a multitude of finishes at a range of attractive price points, from economical synchronised-pore textured laminates to premium finishes such as glass or veneer.

The successful combination of all these factors is what we excel at, and why a chic, durable kitchen from us is the best decision you could make.

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